marți, 18 septembrie 2012

Day six - Connecting the Visions

Time for our project ideas to take the shape of a tree and grow just as strong J.

Today we learned how to formulate the need or problem which our projects address, and also how and where do the causes and effects fit in the bigger picture. We worked into groups and created, step by step, our “problem trees”, then later on, we derived our project trees to help solve the different problems which our projects addressed. Everyone agreed that this method came in very handy when we had to put our ideas into order and further develop our projects. It was an amazing feeling to actually work together towards developing common projects – ask Lecsa and Bogdan – it was hard to get the people to stop working! J
Today we also had the chance to share our inspiration with the group – each of us showed a little glimpse of what inspires and makes us tick – it was a quite moving and motivating moment.

We further developed our projects by thinking of the beneficiaries, the place and time frame, the title, the methods involved. In the afternoon, we all stepped out for a walk in the near-by (peaceful and secure) woods. But it wasn’t just any walk – meanwhile we talked in pairs (proceeding in an Indian row fashion) about what particular competencies we wanted to develop for the participants of our common projects and how we could make that possible. If you ask me, the idea of the Indian row and switching partners at the sign of Bogdan’s bird whistle – it was all just an excuse to further have fun with the whistle J Personally, I learned a lot from the discussions I had during this short trip, plus people seemed to really enjoy spending even a few minutes out in the nature. 

After dinner came time for an intriguing movie: “Let’s talk about Kevin”, since we are on the mental health topic... (brrrr!!! – it could literally send shivers down to your spine if you’re a little more sensitive).

(Articol scris de Manuela Nedelcu)

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