marți, 18 septembrie 2012

Day seven - Connecting the Visions

This was our last official day spent together... L
I heard a lot of people expressing regret that our time as a group will soon come to an end, I heard other people saying how glad yet absolutely tired they were... but I think each and every one of us felt happy because we managed to outline great projects by combining our ideas and our skills.

Today we developed a strategy to promote our projects (our precious-darling babies! – sorry, I’m just really excited about all of them!). It was a fun-filled and very creative activity, because we had the liberty to exploit our imagination to its fullest and to use all kinds of different materials (coloured paper and pens, balloons, string, cardboard, flipchart sheets... just about anything we could find in the room, plus ourselves and our personal assets). Each project team chose the best ways to make their project and the Youth in Action Programme visible, to maximize the impact in the community, as well as to disseminate and further exploit the results of the project. Not to mention some ideas (quite serious ones) got the chance to be expressed in amazingly creative, metaphorical or funny ways.

When we returned from the lunch break, Lecsa and Bogdan had prepared a beautiful harbour opening towards the great sea for our paper boats (each of us made one in the first day of activities, and wrote on it his/her expectations, fears and contributions for „Connecting the Visions”). I know what you’re asking yourself: when did Bogdan and Lecsa have time to eat?! – we don’t know, but somehow they managed to do everything in time and be even more creative and full of energy than any of us would have ever expected... We simply couldn’t have asked for more wonderful facilitators than them! (Thank you for creating the perfect environment for connecting our visions! :*) 

... The idea is that our journey has, in some ways, just begun. We take with us this wonderful experience together, and sail back home, richer in so many ways and eager to make our common projects a reality in the near-by future J

In the afternoon it was time to reward everybody for their special contribution to the  group and to the project. We each received diplomas, honouring that special thing we brought to Connecting the Visions – it was just like the Oscars, only better: because you could feel the joy and love coming from the cheering crowd, and... we all won so much, didn’t we? J

The day ended as it should have: with a farewell party to remember!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Articol scris de Manuela Nedelcu)

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