marți, 18 septembrie 2012

Day five - Connecting the Visions

Time to speak a little “Youth-in-Action-ese” J
We started by accommodating ourselves with the Youth in Action programme. First we had a funny quiz about the programme and several major topics, countries which can apply, actions and sub-actions, vision, objectives, priorities – and we gave our best answers – some funny noisy trinkets helped us announce when we knew the answer. Also, organised into teams, we made a few short presentations of the main sub-actions that YiA has to offer. It got all  more exciting when we had to come up with project ideas and envision how they could fit into one or more YiA sub-actions – we put all of them on separate post-its and voted our favourite three. When we got back from the lunch break, Bogdan had worked his magic and we found that our ideas had come together, combined into three wonderful project ideas.
The last part of the day was dedicated to preparing for the theme party which was going to take place later in the evening. The theme we commonly decided on was 60’s & 70’s music. Everyone had their share of responsibilities: some of us took care of make-up and costumes, some designed games and activities; some created the decorum, while others searched for 60’s and 70’s songs. 

Around nine o’clock it was time to catch the bus (mostly by running, screaming and laughing our heads off) and off we were to theme party land!!!

 (Articol scris de Manuela Nedelcu)

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