marți, 18 septembrie 2012

Day eight - Connecting the visions

Hugs, kisses, (no tears), just smiles and promises to keep in touch and to organize a plan to develop our common projects...

Then just a few rounds of waving goodbye, and... for us Romanians, the sensation that Cluj is just not going to feel the same, at least for a while... Because this past week, Cluj wasn’t just a city, not even just „the capital of Romania”, but more like Europe united in a common purpose, more like the holy ground in which people from different cultures came together and discovered that they share the same dream: to make a difference in the mental health of those around them. And together, we will make steps further to fulfill this dream!

So, it was never goodbye, just „see you soon”!



And with this occasion, we thank Dumitrita for having such a great idea with Connecting the Visions, writing such a good project and inspiring us every day :) 

(Articol scris de Manuela Nedelcu)

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