duminică, 19 august 2012

Day three - Connecting the Visions

Sooo, to sum it up in just a few words, today was a really active and enjoyable day – special thanks to Valerian – a friend of Minte Forte who’s here in Romania for a few months as a volunteer worker for Estuar (he’s originally from France – and has the special charm to prove it J).

Valerian introduced us to the benefits of theatre and physical exercise in creating group connections, expressing ourselves and discovering new ideas and possibilities. We took turns in leading the exercises for the whole group – something like a blend of thai-chi and dance… and just improvising. We also created infernal machines together (making different sounds and movements as a whole, in order to ‘create’ a metaphor). One very inventive and inspirational exercise was to enact (in groups) a special personal experience with mental health issues.

During the second part of the day we went hunting for treasures in the capital of Romania: Cluj-Napoca! (we all agree that a capital can be chosen with our heart, not just based on administrative credentials). The Romanian member in every team was merely a consultant – he could only answer 3 questions and couldn’t translate or lead the way. Needless to say all of our participants now know how many tits the statue of Lupa Capitolina on Eroilor street has (J), one Romanian saying and one phrase in Hungarian, how you can run through the fountain in Piata Unirii without getting your feet wet… and many more fun and interesting details about Cluj. We all had fun, it felt like a great adventure, and at the end we all got prizes!

Most of us decided to end the day at the Beer Factory, accompanied by good beer and great people J.

(Articol scris de Manuela Nedelcu)

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